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Structure Support Projects Results
Set-up and Development of Mine Action Coordination Centre in Georgia  2008Completed
Deployment of the Decision Support System for Mine Suspected Area Reduction in Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina2009In progress
Procurement of 7 Utility Cars and 8 sets of Personal Protective Equipment for BHMAC Bosnia and Herzegovina2008Completed
Training of 7 Mine Detection Dogs Bosnia and Herzegovina2008Completed
Procurement of 4 GPS devices for BHMAC Bosnia and Herzegovina2007Completed
Structure support to BHMAC Bosnia and Herzegovina2002In progress
Landmine Impact Survey in Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina2002Completed
Sustainability of national Mine Action coordination structure Bosnia and Herzegovina2001Completed
Deployment of the Decision Support System for Mine Suspected Area Reduction in Croatia Croatia2008Completed
Support to Albanian Mine Action Executive Quality Management Team – Technical Equipment Albania2007Completed
Quality Management Team Support Albania2005Completed
Establishing Macedonian Underwater UXO Clearance Capacity and Clearance of Ohrid Lake Macedonia2008Completed
Assessment of UXO Problem in Lake Ohrid Macedonia2006Completed
Sustainability of Macedonian Demining Program and Implementation of Technical Survey Operations Macedonia2006Completed
Train and equip programme in Macedonia Macedonia2002Completed
Setting-up of mechanical demining capacity Armenia2003Completed
Procurement and training of six MDD teams for the Armenian Humanitarian Demining Centre Armenia2003Completed
Training of 4 Mine Detection Dogs for Azerbaijan Mine Action Programme Azerbaijan2007Completed
Support to ANAMA 10-men Emergency Response Team and Operational Coordination and Control Azerbaijan2005Completed
Support of ANAMA 8–men Training and Quality Assurance Team Azerbaijan2005Completed
Training of 6 Mine Detection Dog (MDD) teams for ANAMA Azerbaijan2005Completed
Structure support to Azerbaijan National Mine Action Programme Azerbaijan2003Completed
Setup of the UN Mine Action Cell Cyprus2004Completed
Provision of Quality Assurance Officer Lebanon2006Completed
General Mine Action Assessment in Georgia Georgia2009Completed
Mine Detection Dog Support to Demining Teams Activities Kosovo*2007In progress
Provision of Metal Detectors and Personal Protective Equipment Kosovo*2006Completed
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