The Marshall Legacy Institute (MLI) and the Mine Dog Detection Centre (MDDC) will host the Mine Awareness Night to Make a Difference (MANMADE) Dinner to help solve a man-made problem.  With strong support from the American Chamber of Commerce in Bosnia Herzegovina and the United States Embassy, the dinner will celebrate progress in freeing BiH of the humanitarian dangers & destabilizing effects of landmines, while highlighting the challenges that remain.  This enjoyable and inspirational evening will honor exceptional individuals for their extraordinary efforts to improve the lives of all living in BiH.  Leaders of business, government and industry, in BiH and abroad, will share in the activities. 

MANMADE Dinner will be held on April 4th 2012 at the Hotel Holiday Inn in Sarajevo. Proceeds, matched by U.S. Department of State, The Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (PM/WRA) throgh ITF, will support three distinct projects in communities threatened by landmines in BiH:  (1) Mine Risk Education, (2) Survivors’ Assistance (a group of young landmine survivors will receive medical assistance and prosthetic limbs); and (3) Landmine Clearance (a special plot of land now contaminated with mines will be cleared).
For more information, to donate, or buy tickets, please visit the official MANMADE Dinner website!
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