On 04 April, 2012 International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, more than one month long global campaign Lend Your Leg (Official webpage: http://www.lendyourleg.org/) came to the end when supporters symbolically rolled up pant legs expressing their support for all mine victims whose lives have drastically changed and to warn those countries that have not yet signed the Convention to accede to the Mine Ban Treaty. The course of campaing on global level was
ITF was in cooperation with Faculty of Humanities – University of Primorska coordinating and leading national campaign in Slovenia by raising mine awareness through following activities:
-   Media appearances on TV and radio shows;
-   S
ocial media (Slovenian webpage: http://www.posodisvojonogo.si/, Facebook, Twitter);
-   Press conference and public debate;
-   Photo exhibition (Arne Hodalič);
-   Distribution of promotional materials;
-   Improvised mine fields in city centers of Ljubljana and Koper;
-   ITF exhibition at NATO HQ;
-   MANMADE charity dinner in Sarajevo;
-   Charity concert in Koper.
Campaign in Slovenia has been very successful and we are very proud on how many prominent Slovenian politicians, businessmen, artists, representatives, sports figures and others joined us.
We would like to thank all donors that enabled implementation of this campaign of Slovenia and everyone that has supported the idea of campaing and helped us raising funds for the purchase of leg prostheses for Slovenian paraglider Simon Vogrinec who lost both his legs in mine accident on the slope of mountain Jahorina in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Next year we will roll up pant legs again and make sure that our message reaches even wider population.  
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