Colombian Campaign »Remangate« against antipersonnel landmines received prestigious Silver Lion award in PR category on Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Campaign, being part of ICBL global campaign »Lend your Leg« that aimed to raise awareness on danger of this non-discriminatory weapon, has been among 138 countries implemented also in Slovenia, where ITF has in cooperation with University of Primorska - Faculty of Humanities Koper organized many different events covered by media, thus raised mine awareness.
The award was presented for successful linking of individuals, businessman, organizations and public in the struggle for a common goal. This was achieved by using a variety of communication tools, such as maximum use of social networking and digital public relations, innovative events, exhibitions, participation of famous people and use of television and radio ads.
Mr. Maršič, ITF Director, congratulated Colombians and stressed: "When we saw the implementation of last year's campaign in Colombia and its success, we decided to join international initiative and carry out similar form of activities also in Slovenia. And we did, as well as many other countries in the world, by raising awareness on mine problem through innovative approaches for one month. Despite the fact that in Slovenia the contamination by mines is not directly present, we should not forget it is still present in our vicinity and worldwide. Slovenia should continue to apply their knowledge, experience and reputation in the provision of human security of affected countries to do the best we can. I sincerely congratulate our partners in Colombia for the idea and its successful implementation and significant international award."
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