On 04 April, 2013 International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, a  one month long global campaign Lend Your Leg (Official webpage: http://www.lendyourleg.org/) came to the end when supporters symbolically rolled up pant legs expressing their support for all mine victims whose lives have drastically changed and to warn those countries that have not yet signed the Convention to accede to the Mine Ban Treaty.
ITF has again joined the global campaign supported by over 70 countries and implemented an awareness raising activities in Slovenia through media appearances, press conference, social media (Slovenian webpage: http://www.posodisvojonogo.si/, Twitter and Facebook, where people posted their photos of rolled up pant legs); distribution of promotion materials, improvised mine field in the city center of Ljubljana and exhibition of dolls with rolled up pant legs and educational posters in stores across Slovenia.

2013 campaign in Slovenia has been very successful and we are very proud and grateful to many prominent Slovenian and foreign politicians, businessmen, artists, representatives, sports figures and others that raised their voice for a mine free world and joined us.
We would like to thank all donors and media partners that enabled implementation of this campaign in Slovenia and everyone that has supported the idea.
Join us in 2014 when we will roll up pant legs again for a mine free world.

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