The Integrated Telemedicine and e-Health Program for Cape Verde (ITEHP-CV) has been developed upon implemented needs assessment mission by the ITF team in cooperation with its implementing partner International Virtual e-Hospital Foundation (IVeH) in November 2011, to reflect the actual needs of Cape Verde. The Program falls under Development Cooperation Program agreed between the Government of Republic of Cape Verde and Government of Republic of Slovenia for period 2012–2014 which has through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate for International Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance, provided funds for the implementation to the ITF.
Program divided into phases focuses on creating an infrastructure for the telemedicine centers (installation of multispectral equipment for teleconsultations, electronic medical library and videoconferencing) as well as creating a new cadre of physicians, nurses and other professionals in telemedicine, e-health and electronic medical library that will participate in comprehensive educational program, work in the telemedicine network and continue training newer generations of professionals. The program anticipates to establish operational main national telemedicine center and 9 local centers countrywide in existing pre-selected hospitals, that will be connected into national network.
Once established and operational, the telemedicine and e-health network in Cape Verde could be used for every possible clinical problem and shall provide the necessary infrastructure and knowledge for distant medical consultations, video conferences, virtual educational programs and workshops, electronic medical library, continuous medical education and international collaboration with many renowned institutions worldwide. The program is anticipated to ultimately improve treatment outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, provide physicians’ and other experts continuous education, reduce health care costs, and induce revolutionary transformation of the healthcare system in Cape Verde.

The Program will be implemented through the ITF by IVeH in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cape Verde. The IVeH is a non-profit organization that was created to assist in rebuilding the public healthcare system in developing countries by introducing and implementing telemedicine, telehealth, and virtual educational programs through the concept of the IVeH Network.
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