On the occasion of the Karlovac County Day celebration on Friday  April 13, 2012  a ceremonial session  of the Karlovac County Assembly took place in the Karlovac city theater house. On this occasion recognitions were handed out for the year 2011 with ITF receiving an official recognition  for its contribution to Karlovac County demining activities.

ITF has been present in Karlovac County since 1999. Until 2012 over 3,5 sq. kilometers of land was cleared with ITF donations which resulted in discovery and destruction of 878 mines and 148 UXO. 

ITF has closely cooperated with Karlovac County since 2007 when the County  donated a portion of its yearly budget for demining through ITF's matching fund mechanism. The result of this direct cooperation is over 840.000 sq. meters of the land cleared of mines in municipalities of Josipdol, Lasinja, Barilobić and others.

In 2011 ITF contributed to the clearance of 109.282 sq. meters of the valuable arable land in municipality of Generalski Stol  where 52 mines and 3 UXO were found and destroyed. 
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