ITF - Enhancing Human Security (ITF), which is, in cooperation with the NGO DanChurchAid (DCA), implementing projects of cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war (ERW) clearance in Lebanon since 2009 have received financial support in the amount of 200.000,00 EUR from Federal Republic of Germany for clearance activities in South Lebanon. 

ITF is encouraging and advocating for joint donor’s support, where for 2012/13 clearance season, Federal Republic of Germany, Kingdom of Spain, United States of America and Cyprus decided to jointly support clearance activities.
Since 2009, ITF has supported cluster munitions / ERW clearance in Lebanon, carrying out following activities:
-    Over 324.000 square meters of land cleared/released in South Lebanon. The population (approximately 200.000 beneficiaries) of the districts of Sour, Bent Jbail, Marjayoun and Nabatiye in South Lebanon are the beneficiaries of ITF/DCA’s activities (cluster munitions clearance),
-    Over 542 sub munitions found and destroyed in situ.
ITF will continue to raise funds among international donor community, hopefully attracting more donors to join the efforts with the aim to support Lebanese Government in achieving the goals set under Lebanon Mine Action Strategy (2011 – 2020) by:
-     Releasing all known Cluster Munitions contaminated areas within 5 years (2016),
-     Releasing Dangerous areas within 10 years (2020),
-     Releasing Minefields not including the Blue Line within 10 years,
-     Updating strategy to clear the Blue Line until political decision is made to initiate clearance.
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