On 10 April 2013 the project “With Dinner against Mines” - implemented by Coccoball Production - was successfully completed.
The project consisted of production and printing of the picture book "Treasure Map" which was distributed to school children for free. The picture book was distributed in schools within three  different ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina and between Bosnia Herzegovina and neighbouring Croatia in the areas that are still affected by mines. The storyline in a serious and dramatic way warns and advises children and their parents on the dangers that mines represent. The component of reconciliation and co-habitation between  former enemies is very important, representing the principle objective for post-war societies. The picture book was printed in 1.500 copies.

The idea behind the project was that the book should be read during dinner time in the presence of all family members . After that the all  family members would discuss the picture book and the lessons learnt from the book. School children would then write an essay writing about their impressions on the subject of mine danger. The best essays will be awarded. On 09 and 10 April 2013 a promotion of the picture book "Treasure Map" was held in two primary schools ( one in Croatia and one in Bosnia Herzegovina).

The first promotion was held in Primary school “Eugen Kvaternik” in Rakovica (Croatia) on 09 April 2013, followed by the promotion in Primary school “Tržačka Raštela” in Cazin (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on 10 April 2013. The representatives of ITF, BH Mine Action Centre, Croatian Mine Action Centre-CROMAC , BH Red Cross, representative of Government of Republic of Croatia, the author of picture book-Mr. J.Brajlović, representative of Karlovac County and municipality of Cazin, representatives of NGO’s, the media and school children participated in the promotion of the picture book. During the presentation a professional deminer from BHMAC spoke about dangers of mines while school children enacted a theatre play on the subject of picture book and mine clearance. At the end of the promotional activities free samples of the picture books were  distributed and handed out to  children.
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