On 15 October 2012 the projects “Our rights-Kosovo” and “ Our rights-Macedonia” as well as the project “Psychosocial help for children from Macedonia” that were implemented by Slovene Philanthropy were successfully completed.

The main objectives of the projects “Our rights-Kosovo” and “Our rights-Macedonia” were to contribute to a higher level of children’s knowledge on human and children’s rights, simultaneously creating a better environment for action in this field. The projects were implemented in Kosovo (in the area belonging to Municipalities of Dragaš, Rahovac and Pudujevo) and Macedonia (in the area belonging to Municipalities of Kumanovo and Skopje). The program included training aimed at specialists from Kosovo and Macedonia who are responsible for carrying out seminars for teachers and the implementation of the programs in schools (by working with  teachers, children and their parents). The program in Macedonia was of multi-ethnic nature as both Albanians and Macedonians implemented the project in the field by themselves.  In the frame of the projects “Our rights – Macedonia” and “Our rights – Kosovo” 26 specialists were trained during the seminar that was especially adapted for trainers. In total 170 teachers from Macedonia and Kosovo participated in the seminar. Approximately 15.000 children and parents will be reached through this and their awareness on children rights will be increased.

The goal of the project “Psycho social help for children from Macedonia” was to help children with psychosocial problems and children with special needs in the frame of the Consultation centre for children, adolescents and parents in Skopje, Macedonia. In the frame of the project 15 Macedonian specialists (psychologists, special pedagogues and psychiatrists) were trained and 72 children from Macedonia were treated.
Republic of Slovenia donated funds for the implementation of the projects.
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