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Micro location
Sjenica Sjenica Airport the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Serbia076177.1202017Completed
Niš Popovac the Government of the United States of America - Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement in the U.S.0050.3212015Completed
Sjenica Sjenica the Government of the United States of America - Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement in the U.S.014129.8432015Completed
Gadžin Han Gare United States of America034130.7472014Completed
Preševo Cerevajka school I United States of America01165.0002014Completed
Preševo Cerevajka school II United States of America02105.6162014Completed
Stara Pazova Vojka United States of America00149.8452014Completed
Knić Bumbarevo brdo I United States of America03128.3392013Completed
Knić Bumbarevo brdo II United States of America02123.6032013Completed
Kopaonik, Brus Suvo Rudište III United States of America489149.6122013Completed
Kraljevo Ladjevci United States of America11110167.4532013Completed
Užice Ponikve I United States of America00212.4342013Completed
Užice Ponikve II United States of America06256.4712013Completed
Bujanovac Turijsko Brdo I Germany4075.9872012Completed
Kopaonik, Brus Suvo Rudište I United States of America08247.8002012Completed
Kopaonik, Brus Suvo Rudište II United States of America03214.1852012Completed
Kopaonik, Raška Pančića vrh United States of America0082.9512012Completed
Preševo Pečeno school United States of America0088.0322012Completed
Čačak Bresnica 1 Ireland0691.4472011Completed
Čačak Bresnica 2 United States of America0483.2582011Completed
Knić Guncati 1 United States of America08181.5802011Completed
Knić Guncati 2 United States of America0596.6182011Completed
Vladimirci Jalovik 2 Germany0684.8092011Completed
Brus municipality Ravnište United States of America04430.5272010Completed
Kraljevo municipality Bapsko Polje 1 United States of America00117.6002010Completed
Sopot municipality Bobije United States of America01141.9792010Completed
Vladimirci municipality Jalovik 1 United States of America06122.9472010Completed
Kraljevo Bapsko polje 2 Ireland0287.8902009Completed
Šid/Jamena Jovkovača Kanal Czech Republic506.4422009Completed
Šid/Jamena Protection embankment 3 Spain70103.4722009Completed
Šid/Jamena Remića stan United States of America55128172.0002009Completed
Šid/Morović Blata 8 United States of America00339.1002009Completed
Šid/Morović Neprečava 2 United States of America00129.4002009Completed
Šid/Morović Neprečava 3 Spain00124.5002009Completed
Šid/Morović Neprečava 4 United States of America00106.1002009Completed
Šid/Morović Smogva 1 United States of America10135.1892009Completed
Šid/Morović Smogva 2 United States of America61281.0592009Completed
Šid/Morović Somovac 1 Czech Republic, Germany, Spain00281.7002009Completed
Jamena Rikanovića stan Spain35071.9802008Completed
Kraljevo Samaila 2 United States of America025331.9902008Completed
Šid Blata 1, Morović village Norway40038.6002008Completed
Šid Blata 6, Morović village United States of America420295.4002008Completed
Šid Blata 7, Morović village Spain780143.6002008Completed
Šid Neprečava 6 Germany1430227.4002008Completed
Šid municipality Neprečava 1-Okruglača, Morović village Norway250176.2002008Completed
Kraljevo Samaila 1 United States of America043280.0002007Completed
Niš Primary School 'Dušan Radović' United States of America0028.0002007Completed
Šid Blata 1, Morović village Norway40093.5002007In progress
Šid Blata 2, Morović village Spain, United States of America320123.3002007Completed
Šid Blata 3, Morović village Germany1200150.2002007Completed
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