Explosive Remnants of War
Demining Techniques

Landmines remain in the ground long after the conflict has ended and are a totally non-discriminatory weapon: a mine does not care, if it gets activated by the foot of a soldier or the foot of a child. A mine remains dormant until somebody “wakes it up” – and most frequently, the wake-up call unfortunately comes from a civilian.

Mines are a legacy of conflict and they continue to hinder the post-conflict development of the affected country. In a country that is already poor and exhausted by the conflict itself, mines render acres and acres of land useless, prevent people from returning to their homes and, being a constant reminder of the past conflict(s), they also prevent the people from leaving the past behind and creating a new future.

Most of the landmines in the SEE region are of Yugoslav origin i.e. they are the mines that were stockpiled by the Yugoslav Army before the dissolution of former Yugoslavia.

The following mines were most frequently used in the territory of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia:




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