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By July 2007 humanitarian demining season in South Eastern Europe has come to a full swing. Significant progress has been made in other fields of mine action as well, especially in the field of Mine Victims Assistance and Regional Cooperation. ITF expects that 2007 demining season in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be a successful one.


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Until 15 July 2007 ITF raised 13.041.462,05 USD of donations for Mine Action projects and programmes. Donations were made by following donors: Adopt-a-minefield, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Handicap International, Mr. Josef M. Laposa, Karlovac County,Lions Club Brođanka, Marshall Legacy Institute, Mobitel d.d., Municipality Vogoąća, Night of Thousand dinners®, Norway, Positive play, Rehabilitation Institute RS, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, UNDP, United States of America, VMA-Kukes - Victims of Mine and Arms Association and “Walk across Slovenia” fund-raiser.





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Exhibition ‘’Living with Land Mines’’ in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The exhibition ‘’Living with Land Mines’’ was opened on 14 May 2007 at the Institute for Rehabilitation of the Republic of Slovenia in Ljubljana. In collaboration with the International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victims Assistance (ITF), the Institute for Rehabilitation of the Republic of Slovenia (IRRS) and the Embassy of Canada the main objective of the event was to confront viewers with devastating consequences of land mines around the world.


The 17th SEEMACC Meeting held in ©ibenik, Croatia

The purpose of the meeting was continuation of regional cooperation in the field of mine action. During the meeting through discussion SEEMACC members/observers agreed on the common base of the joint training programs for employees in mine action structures, which should be carried out with shared pool of lecturers.


First National Mine Victims Assistance Workshop in Albania

The main objective of the Workshop, organized by the Albanian Mine Action Executive (AMAE) and ITF was to discuss achievements, needs and future plans of Victims Assistance programs in Albania. The Workshop proved to be a creative forum where insights in every day practice in concert with international experiences contribute to determination for change and goal setting. 


Regional Workshop “Mine Action as a Confidence Building Measure” held in Almaty, Kazakhstan

The purpose of the workshop held in March 2007 was to discuss the humanitarian problems caused by anti-personnel mines, the place of mine action in confidence building and the role of the Ottawa Convention as a comprehensive framework for mine action for States of Central Asia and the South Caucasus, along with other States and interested stakeholders.


30th Session of the Managing Board

The 30th Regular Session of the Managing Board of the International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victims Assistance (ITF) was held on 09 March 2007 at ITF premises in Ig. The agenda included the presentation of ITF Annual Report 2006 and the presentation of ITF activities for year 2007. The member of the managing Board adopted the ITF Annual Report 2006 and approved the planned activities of ITF for year 2007.


18th Session of ITF Board of Advisors

The 18th Session of ITF Board of Advisors (BoA) took place in the Training Center for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief in Ig on 20 March 2007. The ITF Annual Report 2006 and plans for 2007 were presented and adopted at the meeting.


Humanitarian Event “Night of Thousand Dinners 2007” held in Ljubljana, Slovenia

International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victims Assistance (ITF) once again organized the charity event “Night of 1000 Dinners” on 8 March 2007 in Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana to raise funds for humanitarian demining activities and mine victim rehabilitation activities in the region of South East Europe. The proceeds of this year's event will be used for demining project in Croatia.


First National Mine Victims Assistance Workshop in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Workshop "Defining priorities for Mine Victims Assistance" was held in Sarajevo, from 26 to 28 February 2007. The main goal of the Workshop was to assist the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina to meet its obligations in relation to Mine Victims Assistance under the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention and to raise awareness on the rights and needs of mine survivors and other persons with disabilities. The Workshop brought together representatives from the Ministries of both entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, international agencies, NGOs and mine survivors themselves.


ITF Annual Report 2006 published

In March 2007 the ITF Annual Report 2006 was published, comprising of following sections: Introduction, I. ITF Management and Organization, II. Management of ITF Funds, III. ITF Operational Overview, IV. Conclusion, and Statutory Annual Statements for Financial Year 2006.


First Donation of Karlovac County to ITF

In January 2007 the Karlovac County prefect Mr. Ivica Horvat and ITF Director Mr. Goran Gačnik signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Karlovac County and ITF for donation in the amount of 400.000 HRK which is earmarked for the implementation of a demining project in Karlovac County, Croatia.


Diplomacy in Action – Running for a Cause

Samuel Zbogar, Slovenia’s Ambassador to the United States has coupled his interest in running with his passion to help landmine victims into a fully developed marathon mission. This year, he’ll enter two half marathons and two full marathons to raise money for landmine rehabilitation in South-eastern Europe, which is still littered with the deadly remnants of the Balkan conflict.


“Walk Across Slovenia” fund-raising initiative

U.S. Ambassador Thomas Robertson completed his journey along the E-6 European Walking Route in Strunjan as part of his “Walk Across Slovenia” to raise funds for the International Trust Fund for Demining.








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