Nr. 14, April 2006
After more than year and a half of pause the ITF TRUST brochure is going electronic. Please find 14th issue of the ITF E-TRUST in your mailbox. ITF E-TRUST will be published on quaterly basis and will provide overview and update on ITF's activities. Brief news in ITF E-TRUST are linked to ITF web page, where further information can be obtained.
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Winter workshops for young mine victims from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia
40 children and youngsters from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia participated in the winter workshops in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. Winter workshops were organized by ITF in cooperation with Croatian Mine Victims Association. (more)
Rehabilitation of mine victim from Azerbaijan in Slovenia
In March 2006 Mr. Elman Malik Alijevfrom Baku Azerbaijan, a 30 year old mine victim arrived in Slovenia, where he received rehabilitation treatment at the Institute for Rehabilitation of the Republic of Slovenia. Mr. Alijev is the first mine victim from Azerbaijan for whom ITF enabled rehabilitation in Slovenia. (more)
Adaptation and equipping of a ship for support of humanitarian underwater demining and divers training in Montenegro
In March 2006 this project has started in the Regional Center for Underwater Demining - RCUD Bijela, Montenegro (Serbia and Montenegro) in cooperation with ITF. Aim of this project is to create appropriate conditions for underwater demining and trainings. (more)
The Night of a Thousand Dinners held in Slovenia
The American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) in Slovenia organized the fifth humanitarian gala ball  “The Night of a Thousand Dinners” which was held on Thursday, 9 March 2006 at Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana. The gala event was attended by more than 290 distinguished guests, among them the representatives of the diplomatic corps in Slovenia and notable guests from the cultural, social and economic domain. Nearly 12 million Slovenian tolars were raised during the event. (more)
Over USD 200.000.000,00 raised for mine action by ITF
In March 2006 ITF donations for mine action programmes and projects in SE Europe and South Caucasus surpassed the amount of USD 200 million. Since 1998 over 100 donors have contributed donations for this humanitarian cause, enabling the return of mine victims and communities in mine affected countries to path of normalcy. (more)
ITF Annual report 2005 published
In March 2006 ITF Annual report 2005 was published, comprised of following sections: introduction, activities report, mine action and value added, report on ITF procedures and controls for 2005, and ITF statutory annual statements for the financial year 2005. (more)
ITF Strategy 2006-2009 accepted
In March 2006 at ITF Managing Board and ITF Board of Advisors ITF Strategy 2006-2009 was introduced and accepted. The ITF strategy complies with strategies of relevant stakeholders in mine action:  national authorities in mine-affected countries and the donor community. Strategic Goals and Operational Objectives are divided into three parts: Mine Action Activities, Stakeholders and ITF Organization. (more)
In 2006 until 14th of April ITF raised 16.259.765,03 USD of donations for Mine Action projects and programmes.  Donations were made by following donors: Canada, Cimeracic Zdenka, European Union, Government of Central Bosnian Canton, Kampos Iztok, Maraska d.d., Mobitel d.d., Night of Thousand dinners®, Norway, Rotary Club International Calvia, Switzerland, United Nations Association of the USA and United States of America. Roughly 98% of donations came from public, while 2% from private sources. (more)
III. International Symposium "Humanitarian Demining 2006 - Mine and UXO Detection«, 23 – 26 April 2006, in Šibenik, Croatia
Standing Committee Meetings on MBT, 8-12 May 2006, in Geneva, Switzerland
The Marshall Legacy Institute’s 2006 Clearing the Path Gala, 3 May 2006, in Washington, DC, United States of America
XIV Meeting of the Group of Government Experts of the CCW, 19-23 June 2006, in Geneva, Switzerland
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