ITF RESULTS (1998 - April 2012)


 -       Total amount of $357.645.327 US of donations was entrusted to ITF for managing over 2.746 mine action programs and projects;
-       28 countries, the European Union, the UN Development Program, over 10 local authorities in mine affected countries, over 70 international and local public and private companies, non-governmental organizations and individuals have donated funds through ITF;
-       Low administration costs;
-       ITF’s Donor Countries: Austria; Belgium; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Canada; Croatia; Cyprus; Denmark; Czech Republic; France; Germany; Hungary; Ireland; Japan; Korea; Kuwait; Liechtenstein; Luxembourg; Norway; Qatar; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Serbia; the Netherlands; United Kingdom/DFID; United States of America.


-          Over 118 million square meters of mine and UXO contaminated land has been cleared.
-          Four countries in the region of SEE have already achieved mine impact free status – Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania and Serbia.


-         Over 1.170 mine survivors received rehabilitation treatment at University Rehabilitation Institute Republic of Slovenia (URI Soča) and Rehabilitation Centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
-         Over 50.000 people in mine affected countries in SE Europe directly received mine disability awareness messages on annual basis.
-         Over 11.000 mine survivors and other disabled persons received psycho-social help through sports, peer support and other activities.
-          Over 1.200 children mine survivors attended summer and winter rehabilitation camps.
-         Over 700 mine survivors that were engaged in socio-economic programs received either economic assets or loans.


-          Over 82.000 school children and adults in mine contaminated areas received MRE directly on annual basis.
-          Over 200.000 family members in these communities received MRE indirectly.
-          8 children educational films and 4 Mine Risk Education Public Education Campaigns have spread mine risk education and awareness massages throughout endangered communities.


-          Over 250 experts in the field of humanitarian demining received training.
-          Over 500 rehabilitation professionals received training.
-          Over 90 experts in the field of mine action management received training.


-         ITF supported work of Mine Action Centers in SE Europe - namely in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, UNMIK/Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia – and in South Caucasus region – namely in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.
-         Support of regional Mine Detection Dog Center in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
-         Support of Regional Center for Underwater Demining in Bijela, Montenegro.
-         Support and organization of various conferences and workshops.
-         Deployment of the Decision Support System for Mine Suspected Area Reduction in Bosnia and Herzegovina AND Croatia.
-         Support and coordination of the South-Eastern Europe Mine Action Coordination Council.
-        OSCE/ITF support in setting up Central Asian Mine Action Coordination Council through multiphase project “Facilitation of Central Asian Cooperation and Coordination in Mine Action”.
-         ITF participates as a member of a Steering Committee at the meetings of US Department of State initiative “Regional Approach to Stockpile Reduction” – RASR.


-           Undergoing UXO clearance project after ammunition depot explosion in Gerdec, Albania.
-           Over one million people within Albania received SA/LW risk education.
-           Capacity building of local Albanian NGOs to deliver SA/LW risk education programmes.
-           Undergoing UXO clearance project after ammunition depot explosion in Chelopechene, Bulgaria.
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