The donor community, through their solidarity and willingness to help, contributes to the solution of the mine problem in mine contaminated countries of SEE and the world. The mandate for fund raising and fund management is year by year again entrusted to ITF, as ITF is constantly proving to be a reliable and trustworthy partner in fulfilling its obligations to the donors. 

Since the inception of ITF, over 100 donors have made donations to ITF for mine action activities. Almost 95 % of the donations originate from public donors-including 27 governments, the EU and UNDP, and many local authorities; the rest of the funds have been contributed by private donors: non-government and humanitarian organizations, businesses and

Donors, as members of the BoA, actively participate in ITF’s BoA meetings where guidelines for future humanitarian projects in the region of SEE and the world are being determined. They also voice their proposals for mine action activities in the countries of their particular interest. The Government of the United States has instituted the Matching Fund Mechanism for SEE by matching every dollar raised by ITF with additional dollar provided by the US Government, thus accomplishing two-fold results in mine action projects.

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