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South-Eastern Europe Mine Action Coordination Council

Regional approach represents a vital dimension of ITF’s activities. We believe, that the regional co-operation is essential, as different important issues can be addressed more efficiently and more cost-effectively, if the countries in the region are prepared to help each other in reaching their common goal of mine-free land. 

The exchange of experience and information, excellence in work and know-how, and co-ordination of activities in the field of mine action are crucial components in achieving their objectives, not to mention the process of confidence building through mine action activities in the long run.

ITF has been facilitating and applying regional approach to Mine Action through:

a. Developing and supporting work of regional forums/organizations in Mine Action, such as South-Eastern Europe Mine Action Coordination Council (SEEMACC), and executing regional workshops/conferences and project initiatives under auspices of Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), such as multi-phase project “Facilitation of Central Asian regional Cooperation in Mine Action”;

b. Developing and supporting work of regional capacities and infrastructures, such as Mine Detection Dog Centre for South East Europe in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Regional Centre for Underwater Demining in Montenegro (both under umbrella of SEEMACC initiatives);

c. Developing and supporting regional programmes and projects, such as Regional Mine Victims Rehabilitation Programme, Regional Mine Action Training Programme and Regional Mine Suspected Area Reduction Programme; the majority of the programmes/projects are being initiated upon recommendation of SEEMACC.

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