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The notion of Mine Victim has a broader meaning than merely describing a person who »an individual who has suffered harm as a result of a mine or ERW accident« (IMAS) for it exceeds only physical consequences of landmine explosion and encompasses also social, economic, environmental and psychological implications. Therefore Mine Victims Assistance indicates integral approach to activities aimed at the individuals, their families, and mine-affected communities directly affected by landmine or UXO incident.

The principal actors in landmine victims assistance generally agree that assistance includes the following components: 
Pre-hospital Care (first aid and management of injuries),
Hospital Care (medical care, surgery, pain management),
Rehabilitation (physiotherapy, prosthetic appliances and assist devices, 
   psychological support), 
Social and Economic Reintegration (associations of persons with disabilities, skills and vocational training, employment and income generating 
   projects, sports),
 - Capacity Building and Sustainability (medical, rehabilitative, educational and other services, access to these services),
Disability Policy and Practice (education and public awareness and disability laws),
Health and Social Welfare Surveillance and Research Capacities (data collections, processing, analysis, and 
   reporting, information management).

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