Our vision is a world free of the threat from post-conflict and disruptive challenges1, including landmines, explosive remnants of war 2 (ERW) and the illicit ownership and use of small arms and light weapons (SALW), and where the security of individuals and communities is assured.

The mission of the ITF is to enable countries and organisations recover from post-conflict and disruptive challenges, and to assure the security of individuals and communities in countries recovering from conflict.  This will be achieved by:

 raising and managing funds from a wide range of donors;
(2) identifying and managing projects on behalf of national authorities and donors; and
(3) developing national and regional capacities to manage programmes and projects more effectively and efficiently. 

The ITF will focus its efforts on projects in SE Europe. High impact projects in other post-conflict countries will be supported by the ITF only to meet clearly defined needs, at the invitation of national authorities, and with financial support of international donors.

Disruptive challenges are incidents, including natural and human made disasters, which overwhelm local disaster management capabilities and plans.
2ERW include unexploded ordnance (UXO) and abandoned explosive ordnance.

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